Intern Performance Evaluation

Office of Grants Economic, Workforce Development

Supervisor Evaluation Form

Goals and Objectives:

Exceeded Expectations= Surpassed objectives; No problem areas; Displayed Fullerton College Mission and Values

Met Expectation= Completed objectives within allotted time; Few to no problem areas; Displayed Fullerton College Mission and Values

Below Expectations= Failed to complete one or more objectives; Several problem areas; Failed to display Fullerton College Mission and Values

Not Achievable= Goal/objective is no longer achievable due to circumstances/events beyond intern's control

*Intern-Supervisor-Please list the following goals/objectives with your intern.

1. Please evaluate this internship experience on the following items.

2. Describe the ways in which this intern's performance benefited your department.

3. What developments have you observed in the intern's skills, knowledge, personal and/or professional performance?

4. Do you see areas for improvement?

5. Overall, how do you rate your experience with this intern?

6. Would you recommend the intern for employment in the field?