Students Can


  • in building homes for the less fortunate
  • in feeding the homeless or disadvantaged


Donate time

  • to a shelteror children’s program
  • help shut-in’s or visit senior citizen centers


  • help thoe in need in the local area…ie Food bank, Shelter, non profit build a home
  • read to kids on a regular basis (after achool Program)

Service Learning Program

How it works

How it works

Service Learning Packet

Student Information


How it works

  • Find a service learning opportunity ( reaf directions in packet.)
  • Complete the assumption of risk document and submit it to the College Center at Building 200, Room 225.
  • Begin your service learning experience.
  • Track your time and hours per the guidlines outlined in the packet.
  • Complete the Student information and Agency Placement Information form; enter the times you start and end work on the time sheet each dayand opbtain the required signatures; complete the survey and write your essay/reflection paper.
  • Paackets must be submited by the deadline on the front page.
  • Once your packet is cleared…